7 Favorite Food Network Channel Shows to Drool over ...

Food Network Channel shows are some of my favorite to watch! First of all they're about food, which is enough reason to watch. Also, their competition shows are a lot of fun and are pretty adrenaline filled. When there's nothing on TV it's great to just switch to the Food Network Channel and see what's on. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be one of these. So let's check out some of the best Food Network Channel shows.

1. Cupcake Wars

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It's cupcakes. Can't you understand why everyone should love this show? This is definitely one of the best Food Network Channel shows about sweets. It's a competition show where they have to bake cupcakes. I have a huge sweet tooth so obviously this has to be on this list. The bakers have to make cupcakes usually using ingredients nobody would think to put in a cupcake like alcohol, spices, spicy things, and a lot of other ingredients that you wonder how they'll make work. It's so much fun to watch!

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