7 Female Superheroes to Look up to ...

The female superheroes of the comic book world don’t get as much of the spotlight as their male counterparts. It is great for women to look up to men as their heroes, but I wanted to give some of you ladies out there a chance to get to know some female superheroes that you might not be as familiar with. My husband tells me all the time that I’m a geek and I don’t think that I am, generally, but I totally geek-out over superheroes, regardless of their gender. I don’t know if it’s the superpowers, the saving of lives or the touching back-stories they all seem to have that make me go crazy for them, but I just love each and every one.

1. Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is one of the quintessential female superheroes. Everyone knows who she is and she was one of the few ladies of the superhero world that had her own TV show. While Wonder Woman possessed the usual range of super powers, she also had a few womanly tricks up her sleeves and several worthy causes to fight for. The Lasso of Truth forced people caught by it to tell the truth (go figure). She fought for love and especially for gender equality, wanting men and women to have equal rights. That is definitely someone girls of any age can look up to!

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