9 Food Themed Movies to Make Your Mouth Water ...

There are many, many movies where key scenes are centered on food, but what about food themed movies? Movies where food is central to the plot, is the plot, or has the plot woven around it. Food is such a cornerstone of our culture (wherever we may live) that it’s no surprise writers weave magical tales about it, and filmmakers bring it to our cinema and TV screens. Here are some of my favorite food themed movies. Hope they’re to your taste (ahem!)

1. Julie and Julia

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How to turn a chick flick into a foodie feast? Send a disillusioned New Yorker on a journey to recreate the recipes of food icon Julia Child, that’s how. Based on two true-life memoirs, the plot intertwines the story of Julia Child’s entry into the world of Cordon Bleu cookery with Julie Powell’s attempts to make all of the recipes in Julia’s first book within a month, blogging her progress as she goes. The two stories are very cleverly woven thanks to similar parallels as the trials and tribulations of each woman unfold. The excellent cast of Meryl Streep (Julia) and Amy Adams (Julie) supported by Stanley Tucci (as Julia’s husband) and the clever plot, make this one of the most watchable food themed movies.

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