7 Fun Shows to Watch on Hulu when You're Feeling Low ...

There are so many awesome shows to watch on Hulu that I get a great deal of my entertainment it. It saves me SO much money because it saves me from having to pay for cable. Yeah, I have to wait until the day after a show airs to watch it, but is that really such a big deal? These shows to watch on Hulu are especially great to watch if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps. The best part is, you can watch these shows on multiple devices: Smart phones, computers, and most gaming consoles!

1. Arrested Development

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I am beyond in love with this show and it is definitely one of the shows to watch on Hulu that I find myself going back to over and over again. The show is about a highly dysfunctional family and how they try to get by when things start to fall apart. No matter how many times I’ve watched an episode it will still make me laugh the next time. With amazing actors like Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and David Cross, just to name a few… how could it not be one of the best shows ever made? I can almost guarantee that it will cheer you up if you’re in a bad mood, so the next time you’re in need of a good laugh, check out Arrested Development! Heck… don’t wait until then, check it out right now!

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