7 Good Comedies to Watch with Friends ...

I absolutely love comedies and, when it comes to watching them with my friends, I have to agree there is simply no better way to spend a lazy evening. Now, when it comes to good comedies to watch with friends, I can’t really say I prefer this or that- Anything goes as long as we’re all having fun. So, with that being said, I’m giving you the list of movies I consider Good Comedies to Watch with Friends:

1. Your Highness

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If you’re looking for some new good comedies to watch with friends you definitely can’t go wrong with Your Highness! I’ve watched it alone and had a lot of fun but I’m sure the experience would be much better if I had some friends watching it with me. I mean, there’s nothing worse than turning around trying to do the “Hahaha, did you see that?” move only to realize there’s nobody in the room. There is no nudity but a pretty decent amount of foul language is to be expected so, make sure you watch it with people who appreciate that type of humor.

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