7. Archer


This FX late-night show is basically James Bond on steroids. The title character is an oversexed spy who works at an international agency located above a laundromat run by his mom and takes bizarre cases using even more bizarre gadgets. The voice actor who plays Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) also does the voice of Bob from “Bob's Burgers”, so the two shows sometimes cross paths. I love “Bob's Burgers”, so I get a huge kick out of this.

As you can see, “cartoon” does not necessarily mean “kid-friendly”.

I left anime (with the exception of #5) off of the list because I'm not very familiar with it, but what I have seen is definitely geared toward tweens or teens. This doesn't mean that kids should never watch it so much as that sometimes cartoon fans like me like to see things with a more mature theme. These shows are definitely off-center, so view at your own risk! What about you? Can you think of any cartoons that are not for kids? What are some of your favorites? Are there any shows you'd recommend? Discuss!

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