2. Anywhere but Here...

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Are you a teen struggling with growing up while your annoying parents, especially your mom, won’t let go...even just a little?! The mother and daughter relationship during those teen years can be tough. At times it feels like there’s a constant battle going on between the two of you. If you are looking for a great movie to relate to and one you can watch with your mom, then rent “Anywhere But Here.” Susan Sarandon plays Natalie Portman’s mom, and does a fine job of playing a kooky, I can’t stand you, get away from me type of mom to her teen daughter. They make their relationship believable, and during those teen years you need to see that there are other girls out there who are struggling too. It’s a great movie for any teen or parent searching for their own identity and searching for a relationship with each other. It was also a film that gave Portman her first Golden Globe nomination.

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