10 Great Steven Spielberg Movies Everyone Should Watch ...

Movie lists can be tough to compile, we are talking about Steven Spielberg movies here! It’s a pretty tough decision to say, “This Spielberg film was much better than this one he made.” However, there are a few not so great ones that he did direct, like “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” which grossed less than what it cost to make! Overall though, from the beginning of his career to today, most Steven Spielberg movies are must sees. Let’s find out if your favorites made this list, shall we...

1. Jaws

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The poster for this Steven Spielberg movie speaks for itself; fans everywhere would still know the film by this famous poster even without the title. “Jaws” probably scared every beachgoer from going into the water back in 1975, and some people long after. Before the use of the creative technology we have today, the great white shark in “Jaws” makes you feel as if you’re right in the water with it. It’s an intense movie that keeps you clutching to the arms of your chair as you’re yelling, “Get out of the water!”

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