17 Halloween 👻 Horror 😱Fixes in 20 Mins ⏱ ...

There’s nothing like 💙 a good 👍 horror flick to get you in the mood for Halloween, but finding the time 🕡 to sit down ⬇️ and watch 📺 a traditional 👘 scary 👻 movie 🎥 isn’t easy, plus ➕ it’s hard to find anything legitimately scary 👹 anymore. There’s an easy solution for both of those problems, though: turn 🎲 your attention ⚠️ to Youtube, where you can get a horror fix 🔧 in 20 minutes ⏰ or less -- a new 🆕 fix, a fresh 🍓 fix, a fix 🔧 you haven’t seen a million times already. You can watch ⌚ these short horror movies 🎥 on 🔛 the bus 🚌 or train, during lunch, or even at the gym. You might think you can’t possibly be terrified in 20 minutes ⌛ … but you’d be wrong.

1. Night Night Nancy

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This one 1️⃣ had me creeped out almost instantly! The walk, the mask 👹 .. gross!

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