7 Heart Racing Suspense Thrillers to Watch on a Rainy Day ...

I have to admit that heart racing suspense thrillers are definitely my favorite movie genre. I love the mystery, the intrigue, the little clues they leave you to piece it all together at the end, and of course, the twist. The twist at the end is the best part; it leaves you with your mouth hung open in surprise or will have you saying, “Oh, I knew it!” when what you thought was going to happen, did. It just takes you along for a ride. So, there’s few things better to do than checking out this list of heart racing suspense thrillers that’ll keep you on your toes on a rainy day!

1. Se7en

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I love Brad Pitt and he’s starred in a number of heart racing suspense thrillers that I’m a big fan of. This includes the wonderful film, Se7en! Se7en is a film about two detectives, who Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt play, who try to solve a series of crimes that a killer commits modeled after the 7 deadly sins. With each murder, it’s more bizarre, and intense. Along the ride there are several twists to keep you interested! It’s a classic!

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