7 Horror 😱 Films 🎞 You Should Not 🚫 Watch πŸ‘€ Alone ☝️ ...

That sounds like an excuse to cuddle up with your hunny on the couch n’est-ce pas? Well, it sure can be, but it’s actually more a warning. There really are some horror films you should not watch alone. Ready to be scared out ya pants?

1. Mama (2013)

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Scary when watching, scarier when you stop!

Mama is a very clever movie that takes you on quite a journey and is always pulling the rug from under you; it is just that it pulls the rug very slowly so you do not realize the movie is taking you in a different direction until it hits you in the face. There are two jump scares, and ONE OF THEM IS AWESOME!!!!! The story is rock solid and has the classic Guillermo Del Toro feeling and heartbreak. He is the guy that created Pans Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, and The Orphanage. The movie messes with your head after you have finished watching it. Try going to the bathroom with the lights off and see how it feels. Get into bed and try β€œNOT” checking the floor for a pair of eyes staring back at you.

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