2. Shutter (the US Version) (2008)

If you sleep in bed with a partner, it may be time to sleep alone after this movie

Not to be confused with Shutter Island, which is a movie where Leonardo Dicaprio shows us how he is maturing into a genuinely epic actor. The movie β€œShutter” is based on a far scarier Thai movie, but the US version is easier to watch if you can't handle subtitles. It is not a jump scare movie because you see the ghost almost all the time. This is a ghost that takes the word β€œHaunting” very seriously because she does not leave this couple alone. Do not look up the ending because you will rob yourself of the best scene. This is definitely one of the horror movies you shouldn’t watch alone. BUT sleep alone the night you watch it. It has a scene where the guy is asleep in bed with his wife and it turns out she is in the other room. You can probably guess what is in bed with him, and it will freak you out to the point where you will not trust your partner in bed next to you. (And if you really want to be scared watch the original Thai version!)