Movies πŸŽ₯ to Lift Your Spirits 😁 for Girls Just Feeling Sad 😭 Right Now ...

One of the best things to do if you're feeling sad and need something to lift your spirits is to watch a feel-good, funny movie! There are tonnes of them out there so you'll be spoilt for choice, but why not start with a couple of these top picks? Trust me, you'll be smiling in no time!

What you're favourite movie to watch when you're feeling sad and have you seen any of these?

1. Bridesmaids

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Annie is a single woman whose own life is a mess, and when she learns that her lifelong best friend, Lillian, is engaged, she quickly agrees to be her maid of honour. The group of bridesmaids go on a fun, laughable journey together as they try to make this one amazing wedding for Lillian that she will never forget.

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