7 Inspirational Feminist Movies Everyone Must Watch ...

By Reem

7 Inspirational  Feminist Movies  Everyone  Must Watch  ...

Looking for some inspirational feminist movies? Feminism has always been a controversial topic that has triggered many debates in many societies. With the boost of a soft dominancy by men, it’s time to stop the norms and be a feminist! That means, having equal social, economic and political rights as men. Below are 7 incredible inspirational feminist movies that every feminist loves tremendously, and you will too.

1 Atomic Blonde

Carnal and ferocious, Lorraine Broughton, is one of the best spies in MI6. In a very tough and challenging mission, Lorraine does anything to survive. As she meets with the deadliest game of spies, Lorraine learns how to become a heroine, turning this into one of my favorite inspirational feminist movies.

2 Ingrid Goes West

Starring Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen, this movie criticizes how women are taught to behave too girly in order to impress society and specifically their followers on Instagram. Plaza plays a mentally ill woman who is friends with her Instagram star Taylor Sloane (Olsen). Quickly she befriends her and shockingly finds out that the happiness seen on social media is a lie.

3 North Country

A single mother with other female ladies work at a local iron mine and find themselves threatened by male workers who dislike working with them. The ladies get sexually harassed and verbally abused by their fellow male workers until the single mother steps up.

4 Patti Cake$

Patricia Domrowski (Danielle Macdonald) is a young girl who is trying to prove that she is as strong as a man. Though many mock her, she is determined to show that she’s an incredible rapper.

5 Step

Step is one of the most inspirational movies and will give hope that the next generation will brighten up a girl’s future. Step is a story of high school girls who are working hard for at a successful dance and become the first members of their families to enter college.

6 The Stepford Wives

Ever wondered what happens to women when their lives seem completely perfect? The perfection might make their husbands excited. But the truth is, what’s happening behind that perfection features is terrifying.

7 Women without Men

In the streets of Tehran, protesters team up to forcibly remove the prime minister from power. However, four women far away are concerned with the political situations and are struggling to be accepted the way they are.

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