7 Katharine Hepburn Films You Must See ...

Katharine Hepburn films have made their mark on cinema history over the years. Hepburn tops the list of the American film actresses of all time, and it’s no surprise why. She’s incredibly talented! These are some Katharine Hepburn films that you must see.

1. “Bringing up Baby”

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Cary Grant stars alongside Katharine Hepburn in the film “Bringing Up Baby.” This movie starts the list of Katharine Hepburn films because it is one of her most well-known parts. The most memorable part of this movie for the animal-lover in me is Hepburn’s pet leopard named ‘Baby.’ But the plot of this screwball comedy is a close second as Grant attempts to secure a large donation to his museum. As soon as Hepburn enters with her free-spirited nature, Grant gets pulled to the country to help care for Baby. See what adventures await.

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