7 Kids Movies with a Message ...

There are so many kids movies with a message out there! Children may not get the messages at first, but there are usually adults watching the movies too. The messages can be crystal clear to the adults, let’s just hope they listen to the messages. Let's take a look at seven kids movies with a message!

1. Beauty and the Beast

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“Beauty and the Beast “ is an awesome example of kids movies with a message; the message here is not to judge a book by its cover. Belle is a beautiful and smart young girl who sacrifices herself to protect her father. In this movie we see both sides of the story. We see the townspeople that are scared of the beast because they don’t know who he truly is and we also see Belle slowly falling in love with this beast despite what he looks like. The lesson here is that we can’t make up our minds about people without getting to know them.

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