11 Kid's Movies You Need to Rewatch as an Adult ...

One of the great reasons to have children is that you can take them to see fabulous animations and kid's movies and pretend you're doing it for them. I'm just kidding, that's not why you have children but it must be one of the perks of parenthood, surely! There are some kid's movies that you can indulge in with the kids and there are some that you will just need to rewatch as an adult. Here are some fabulous kid's movies that you can enjoy, whatever your age.

1. Frozen

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We all know the song and we've seen the merchandise EVERYWHERE and this is one of the great kidult movies to indulge in. There was even a report in the news recently about police in Kentucky issuing an arrest warrant for Queen Elsa's arrest after the rural town of Harlan had received more bad weather than expected. Frozen is a great movie which captures the hearts and imaginations of everyone, regardless of age. And if your town or city is currently in the grip of a cold spell you have a great excuse to snuggle up in the sofa and indulge in this movie.

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