Killer Steampunk Movies Anyone Can Love ...

Steampunk movies are fantastical escapism. You just sit back and enjoy the ride of futuristic technology creating havoc in retro settings amid a whirl of incredible Victorian-esque scenery and lavish costume. They’re a visual treat and enigmatically stimulating, even if they’re not always intellectually challenging. Steampunk movies are a great watch for a night in with the boyfriend as there’s something for both of you to love.

1. The Three Musketeers (2011)

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There have been many iterations of this classic talk of daring-do, intrigue and politics in the French court of Louis XIII but none of them quite like this. Swashbuckling takes on a whole new meaning when you introduce Matrix-esque slow motion sequences, flying boats and fanciful fashions. Of course, there’s plenty of male eye candy on show, but no matter how steampunk they make it, it is still a tale where good overcomes evil in the end.

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