9 Lesser-Known Romantic Comedies You Need to Watch ...

Everyone loves a good romantic comedy, but sometimes it’s difficult to find good lesser known romantic comedies. Romantic comedies have gotten a bad reputation in the past few years, but there are some incredible lesser known romantic comedies that we seem to forget about. Chances are you haven’t seen most of these movies, so get some popcorn and start watching! You will definitely find one of your new favorite romantic comedies on this list!

1. The Giant Mechanical Man

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The Giant Mechanical Man is a fairly new movie, yet there wasn’t much buzz when it first came out. It sounds like a weird premise: a street performer makes an unlikely friend out of a girl who’s completely lost, yet it’s one of those rare romantic comedies that aren’t too cheesy. It’s simple, yet both hilarious and beautiful. It’s a must-see whether you love romantic comedies, film in general, or both! It’s one of the quieter lesser known romantic comedies, yet amazing nonetheless.

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