7 Life Lessons from Pretty Little Liars ...

Believe it or not, there are important and useful life lessons from Pretty Little Liars! Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have been through hell and high water dealing with the 'A' team, and while it's exciting and sometimes extremely stressful to watch, there are definitely some things we can take away from their experiences. In three seasons of lies, murder, and mystery I've learned some really amazing life lessons from Pretty Little Liars that could be applied to everyday life.

1. Be Nice to Others

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Anyone who is the least bit familiar with Alison DiLaurentis knows that she was a mean and ruthless conniving snake, and nearly everyone in the entire town is considered a suspect to her murder! I'm not saying that your peers will murder you and terrorize your friends with anonymous text messages, but it's in everyone's best interest to be nice to others. Being bullied hurts and you never know what people will do in response to being victimized. This "be nice" message is the most important of the life lessons from Pretty Little Liars.

2. Monkey See, Monkey do

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As much as I love Ezra and Aria, their relationship is still very questionable. The age difference isn't the major problem, it's that he used to be her teacher! I don't know about you, but I think Byron's affair with his student had a lot to do with Aria's perception of how the teacher-student relationship should look. Monkey see, monkey do! You may be a role model for someone; remember that when you make your next big decision.

3. Don't Steal

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Hanna and Ashley Marin have had some real hardship and anxiety due to their klepto tendencies. With Hanna stealing from malls and Ashley stealing from an old woman's safety deposit box, the Marins have to constantly watch their backs for blackmailers. Don't steal! It leads to paranoia.

4. If You Want to Get Rid of Something, Burn It

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From diaries and videotapes to murder weapons, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily have all needed to get rid of something! In almost every situation, if the liars didn't dispose of it by fire, the item always came back with blackmail attached to it. If you really don't want something to come back and bite you in the butt, toss it in the fire!

5. Get to Know People before You Lodge with Them

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An extremely important life lessons from Pretty Little Liars is to get to know people before you start cozying up and going on trips with them! Before Emily went on that crazy camping trip with Nate, who was actually Maya's stalker and killer, she should have gotten to know him better. Nate's anger issues, pushiness, and weird looks screamed unstable and crazy! Find out who people are before you trust them with your life!

6. Let Go of Friends like Alison DiLaurentis

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If your friend reminds you of Alison, watch out! I'm not going to lie, Alison and the girls' lives were pretty exciting and mysterious for 15-year-olds! Though they may have had fun for a while, Alison treated them like her minions rather than her friends. I think this is one of the biggest life lessons from Pretty Little Liars! When someone makes you feel bad about yourself in order to exalt themselves, let that unhealthy relationship go!

7. Things Aren't Always What They Seem

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Whenever someone says, "it's not what it looks like," I immediately think it's exactly what it looks like. In almost every situation Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna encounter, it’s probably not what it looks like. Spencer was convinced Toby was creepster, but he showed her that he was one of the good guys. Unfortunately after she fell in love with him, she found out that he was on the 'A' team. First Toby is a bad guy, and then he was good, now he’s bad! What is it already!? This is a prime example of things not being what they seem at first. Don't take everything for it's face value. You may be surprised with what you find! Be open to the idea that sometimes what you think you see is not always reality.

'A' may not send me life threatening messages everyday, but the life lessons from Pretty Little Liars are helpful and applicable across many different situations! Have you learned any life lessons from Pretty Little Liars? What would you add to the list?

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