7 Long Running British Soap Operas ...

The number of British soap operas pales in comparison to the American offering, but some of them have been around for an incredibly long time and have armies of loyal fans. Some long running shows are no longer being aired so I’m not including them. Here are the current long running British soap operas.

1. Coronation Street

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Coronation Street is the longest running of all the British soap operas, now in its 55th year. It is one of the longest running television shows anywhere and it has anchored the early evening schedule of ITV1 for decades. Coronation Street is a typical cobblestone street lined with terraced houses in the fictional northern town of Weatherfield. The street and its immediate environs has a pub (The Rover’s Return), a corner shop, a newsagent, a cafΓ©, a hair salon, a car repair shop and a factory. The storylines are based around the everyday domestic dramas of the simple folk who live and work in the Coronation Street. Its strength has lain in creating memorable characters throughout its lifetime, with some of them remembered long after they have departed – even non-soap fans in the UK know of Ena Sharples, Bet Lynch and Hilda Ogden. It’s a show so revered that even Prince Charles has made an appearance and many, many actors and entertainers have been seen on the show.

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