10 Male Characters I'd Love to Be Friends with ...


There are so many great male TV characters that we watch every day. To be honest, I find it hard not to want to be friends with some of the characters that I see on TV. That may seem crazy, but I feel like there are more people who understand what I mean than they let on to. Some characters are just so funny, cool, or downright awesome that it’s hard not to wish someone like that was in your life. Here’s my list of ten male TV characters I’d love to be friends with.

1. Barney Stinson

Who doesn’t love Barney!? When talking to people who watch “How I Met Your Mother,” I find that it’s very rare to meet someone who doesn’t like him. Dating him would be a bad idea, but as long as you could look past his dating lifestyle, being friends with him would probably be awesome. When it comes down to it, he may not be loyal to the girls that he’s trying to date, but he’s a pretty loyal friend. He seems to always be there for his friends when they really need him, and to top it off he’s absolutely hilarious!

Chandler Bing
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