7 Mind Boggling Science Fiction TV Shows You'll Definitely Enjoy ...

I am a big fan of science fiction TV Shows with plots that require a lot of thinking from the viewers. They definitely serve as an escape from reality and help us think outside the box. Despite the fact that science fiction can get a little dark and complicated, it can be a lot more interesting to observe and enjoy. Here are 7 science fiction TV shows with intricate plots!

1. Under the Dome

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Under the Dome is one of the newest science fiction TV shows that revolves around people in a fictional town in United States, who struggle for survival under a mysterious force field that trapped them from the rest of civilization. It’s interesting to observe the characters find the secrets, origin and the purpose of the β€œdome”. Although some people begin to work together, others turn against each other. It portrays a situation when people get cut off from real world, and their humanity is questioned.

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