7 More Sweet TV and Movie Proposals ...

There's just something about watching TV and movie proposals that never gets old. Like many writers have said before me, we just can't seem to avoid getting entrenched in the lives of our favorite characters. To be honest, sometimes that's the only refuge I can find from the cluttered mess that is my mind. The result is that we get to see things that many of us might like to see in real life but usually don't get the chance. That is definitely the case for some of my favorite TV and movie proposals. Some are elaborate; others, not so much. Either way, they're all sweet.

1. Derek and Meredith, Grey's Anatomy

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This is definitely one of the best TV and movie proposals I've seen. It's charming in that, while it's very elaborate, it's also done in a very personal and private way. The elevator is covered in scans that look plain to us, but Derek tells a personal story behind each and every one that shows that he's taken note of all the little things we forget over time. To make it even sweeter, they got married by writing vows on a Post-it note that they have framed in their bedroom.

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