7 Most Gut Wrenching Movie Moments That Will Bring out Your Inner Romantic ...

I am a sap, through and through, so I both love and hate gut wrenching movie moments. Nothing is better/ worse than watching gut wrenching movie moments and having a really good cry. So, without further ado, these are the movie moments that made my heart drop into my stomach, my eyes to water and my idea of what a good man is to get a little more unrealistic! Be warned, there are some spoilers in in the list that follows!

1. Captain Wentworth's Letter, PERSUASION

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This takes the cake for gut wrenching movie moments. What makes you feel more than a woman, running through a city, reading a letter from the man she's been hopelessly in love with for eight years that she thought she had lost forever? The letter really picks up after he says "I am half agony and half hope," or at least I think it does, because that's when I really start to get goosebumps.

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