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8 Most Unusual Movies of 2012 ...

By Alison

You'll enjoy checking out some of the unusual movies of 2012 if you like to see inventive cinema. Last year offered us some truly original movies that are worth checking out. Even if your tastes are more mainstream, why not try something different? So here are some of the most unusual movies of 2012 for you to watch …

1 Holy Motors

Holy Motors is without a doubt one of the most unusual movies of 2012! About 20 minutes into the movie, I realised that there was no point trying to make any sense of it. It's completely unclassifiable! So see this as an adventurous piece of film-making, and don't attempt to figure out what's going on.

2 Cosmopolis

If you've mentally typecast Robert Pattinson in the Twilight movies, then you might be taken aback by his appearance in Cosmopolis. He plays a billionaire ferried around town in his limo (reminiscent of Holy Motors). It's certainly not as weird as David Cronenberg's earlier films, but definitely not mainstream …

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3 Cloud Atlas

It's often been said that this is one of the books that are unfilmable, but somebody thought it was worth a try! Set in different ages, and with the same actors playing different roles, Cloud Atlas is definitely not your average multiplex fare.

4 God Bless America

You'll need to like dark comedy to enjoy this one, since it's about a terminally ill middle-aged man and a teenage girl setting out to murder annoying people. In fact, you might sympathise with them if you're annoyed by modern culture, as their targets include reality TV stars …

5 Beasts of the Southern Wild

You may have heard of this movie as the young star was nominated for an Oscar. It's set in a remote corner of Louisiana at the time of Hurricane Katrina. But this is not a disaster movie; instead, it's more of a fable, with strange creatures appearing as the protagonists trying to survive the deluge …

6 Sightseers

Going away on vacation for the first time with your new boyfriend is always an interesting experience, isn't it? But what if he turns out to be a serial killer …? If you like black comedy, check this one out - even if it is set in the UK!

7 Bernie

Perhaps not quite as mainstream as most Jack Black movies, "Bernie" sees him playing a mortician who kills an old lady. He then enacts an elaborate cover-up in order to convince people that she is still alive. However, when the truth emerges, no-one wants to see him charged for the crime. And it's actually based on a true story …

8 Alps

Finally, the Greeks prove that they can produce unusual movies as well. In Alps, a group of people rent themselves out to play the roles of recently deceased people, the idea being that it will help the bereaved families cope with their loss. Definitely different!

So if you want to see something a bit different from last year, check out these eight movies. Sometimes you want a popcorn movie, and sometimes you want to feel like you haven't seen this plot several times before. There are still original and interesting movies being made for more demanding moviegoers! What's the most unusual and memorable movie that you've ever seen?

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