21 Movie Dystopias 🌎 We Wouldn't Want to Live in 😱 ...

Dystopia has become a popular theme for books and movies in the 21st century. Indeed some of the biggest blockbusters in recent years have been set in dystopian worlds. As fascinated and enthralled we might be the adventures the characters have, I’m sure we’re all glad these worlds are fictional.

1. The Hunger Games

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A world where all the bad people wear obvious makeup whereas all the good people wear skin colored makeup. Maybe it is a world created by L’Oreal and the bad guys get to be impeccably groomed because they are worth it. Just for the commenter/griefers/trolls, the white beardy guy is not impeccably groomed, but he is also not all bad. Plus, the world may be a little nicer if they simply selected jerks that drink soup from a bowl without using a spoon. It’s called cup-a-soup, not bowl-a-soup.
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