Movies Every Friend Group Should See This Fall ...

Fall is never really known as the prime time for movies. It’s right after the summer movie season and before the Christmas rush begins. However, this year is different for fall movies. There are a ton of movies coming out this fall that have everyone talking. Some are being talked about for good reasons, and some are being talked about for bad reasons. If you want to weed out the bad movies and stick to the good ones, follow this list. These are the movies you should be heading to the theatre to see this fall!

1. The Intern

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Any movie starring Robert DeNiro is a movie that I definitely want to see, and this movie is no exception. It also stars Anne Hathaway and a plethora of other, newer stars who I’m excited to see in such a big movie. If you love Workaholics, this movie features two of your favorite guys, and Nat Wolff (of multiple John Green movie fame) is also in the movie. This seems like the perfect fall movie to me!

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