7 Movies Made by Women That You Should See This Summer ...

The summer months are when many movie-lovers rush to the theaters in droves (or rent movies to binge-watch on long summer nights). When you're deciding what to watch this summer, keep in mind that women are extremely underrepresented in Hollywood, especially as writers, directors, and producers. Here are a few movie suggestions for you so you can show your support of these #LadyBosses and enjoy a great film all at once!

1. Bridget Jones's Baby

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If you loved the first two movies of this series, keep your eye out for the third: Bridget Jones's Baby. Renee Zellweger is as fabulous as ever. How could she not be with a team of amazing women making this production possibleβ€”Sharon Macguire directs Bridget Jones's Baby and Helen Fielding and Emma Thomson are two of the co-writers.

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