7 Movies of 2015 That Are Already Stirring up Excitement ...

It seems movie fans are already stirring up excitement around some of the most anticipated movies of 2015. Now that we are entering fall, we already have a good idea of what to expect from next year in a cinematic sense and it seems like it’s going to be a good year to spend in the movie theaters! Plenty of long awaited projects are set to release within the next year and boy, are we excited! Here are some of the most anticipated movies of 2015 so you can mark your calendars in advance.

1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The sequel to the first Avengers movie promises to bring back the old cast and include some new faces for the characters of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as villains to mix things up. Together the Earth’s mightiest heroes will battle against the sentient robot known as Ultron in order to save the planet from destruction. With such a huge comic fan base supporting this movie, it is no wonder that this is already one of the most anticipated movies of 2015.

Release Date: May 1, 2015