7 Movies Ruined by Uncanny Endings ...

A great movie can really be spoiled by its ending. I really don’t like being left hanging with unanswered questions – questions that never get answered because there’s no sequel. And then there are those that end improbably and leave you feeling shortchanged. These are among my movies ruined by uncanny endings. I wonder if you agree with me.
(p.s. contains spoilers)

1. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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Everything about the movie is interesting. For many, it is a domestic drama and a short-lived futuristic noir, while others find it an on-the-nose fairy tale adventure. Then… it never stops until a plot twist that takes David (Haley Joel Osment) into the future. You can take it as a thought-provoking conclusion, but it leaves viewers wondering as if the film wants to be somber or sentimental.