7 Movies Ruined by Uncanny Endings ...

A great movie can really be spoiled by its ending. I really donโ€™t like being left hanging with unanswered questions โ€“ questions that never get answered because thereโ€™s no sequel. And then there are those that end improbably and leave you feeling shortchanged. These are among my movies ruined by uncanny endings. I wonder if you agree with me.
(p.s. contains spoilers)

1. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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Everything about the movie is interesting. For many, it is a domestic drama and a short-lived futuristic noir, while others find it an on-the-nose fairy tale adventure. Thenโ€ฆ it never stops until a plot twist that takes David (Haley Joel Osment) into the future. You can take it as a thought-provoking conclusion, but it leaves viewers wondering as if the film wants to be somber or sentimental.

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