7 Movies Starring Amanda Seyfried I Can't Get Enough of ...

All movies starring Amanda Seyfried automatically make my list of favorite movies. I think she's an incredible actress/singer/human being. I'll admit, there's been nights where I binge-watch YouTube interviews of her. She's hilarious! I love how versatile her acting is, especially coming from Mean Girls. It's incredible how far she's come; she's becoming a household name and that makes me so happy! Check out the seven movies starring Amanda Seyfried that I just can't get enough of.

1. Les Miserables

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This movie was truly fantastic. The acting, the singing, everything was A+! This was my favorite song/scene of the movie. It was also my most played song from the Les Mis soundtrack. I love the fact that the cast sang everything live when recording. They all sound fantastic. I love Amanda's high notes! It's very impressive. This tops my list of my favorite movies starring Amanda Seyfried.

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