2. Titanic 🚣🏽

When you watch πŸ“Ί Titanic, you’ll probably get tears of frustration from the whole β€œthey could’ve fit two 2️⃣ people 🚻 on πŸ”˜ that board” situation. However, there’s plenty of other things to cry over, so buy πŸ’΄ a πŸ…°οΈ boatload of tissues before you press play.

If you’ve somehow never seen the film, it’s about a man πŸƒ named Jack who meets Rose 🌹 on πŸ”˜ the Titanic and slowly shows her that there is happiness πŸ˜€ and love β™₯️ outside of her shallow rich πŸ’Ά world 🌏 that her mother created for her. Then, when they just start falling πŸ“‰ for each other, the Titanic hits an iceberg and… well, you know the rest.

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