3. Ghost πŸ‘»

Your tissues will do double the work πŸ“ when you watch ⌚ "Ghost," because it’ll make you cry AND laugh. I ℹ️ mean, Whoopie Goldberg is in it, and she never fails to lighten the mood.

Despite her comedic presence, Sam, the main male 🚹 character, dies right πŸ‘‰ at the start of the movie. However, his spirit πŸ‘» is stuck on πŸ”› Earth 🌐 to help ℹ️ protect his girlfriend Molly and avenge his death. It’s a sad πŸ˜“ situation, but having a πŸ…°οΈ ghost πŸ‘» as a πŸ…°οΈ boyfriend isn’t as bad as it would seem.

A Walk πŸ‘ž to Remember
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