30. Boy's Don't Cry

Hilary Swank in this movie 🎥 is amazing. It's hard to watch, especially in this day 🌞 and age, but it is still such a 🅰️ powerful movie 🎥 to really understand what trans people 🚻 go through and what they fear.

There's nothing like 😻 a good 👍 cry, especially when you've been feeling like 👍 the world 🌏 has been weighing down 👇 on 🔘 your shoulders lately

. It can also be a 🅰️ great 👍 way to bond with your girlfriends, Mom, or any other important woman 👧🏻 in your life. To be able to connect with characters 🔣 and a 🅰️ story so much that it makes you cry is an amazing feeling and thus why tearjerker chick 🐣 flicks are so popular. What movie 🎥 makes you cry like 😍 a baby 🚼 every time ⌚ you watch 📺 it?

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