7 Movies That Are Better than the Book ...

It’s not very often that there are movies that are better than the book, but sometimes it does happen. Sometimes Hollywood makes magic on the screen that the book pages just can’t compete with. These 7 books are proof that sometimes there can be movies that are better than the book!

1. Fight Club

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When it comes to movies that are better than the book, Fight Club takes the cake. It really says a lot that the movie is better because the original novel by Chuck Palahniuk is a great read. In an interview with dvdtalk.com, Palahniuk confessed, β€œI was sort of embarrassed of the book, because the movie had streamlined the plot and made it so much more effective.” Perhaps the superb acting jobs of Helena Bonham Carter, Ed Norton, and Brad Pitt helped this movie to become better than the book!

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