7 Movies That Rocked 2014 ...

The lineup of 2014 movies that rocked the world ran the gamut of emotions and genres. That’s why it’s a challenge to pick seven 2014 movies that rocked the viewing public this year. So I asked a little help from my friends and ran an informal survey about mine and their favorite movies of this year. Here are our seven picks for this year’s best pictures!

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Presenting a luscious all-star cast, the mayhem never stops in the 1930s with this popular European ski resort. With the likes of Bill Murray and Ralph Fiennes on hand, this is a great comedy with fabulous, ornate sets. I want to stay here on my next vacation. This, my dear ladies, is the main reason why 2014 movies that rocked the world will remain in my hard drive.

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