7 Movies That Were Actually Better than the Book ...


It's not often that you hear someone list movies that are better than the book. Usually it's the other way around, being that books often offer more insight and details to a story and it's characters than a movie has time to do. I, like most other book lovers, personally believe that the book is almost always better than its movie counterpart because it allows your own imagination to make worlds and characters come alive the way you want them to. However, sometimes a film director manages to take a great book and make it into an even greater movie, which shows that sometimes it can often be better for us to watch the creations of someone else’s imagination instead. Here is a list of these 7 movies that were actually better than the book to help break the stigma that the book is always better than the movie.

1. The Notebook

I have often heard that "The Notebook" was one of the top movies that was better than the book but I didn't have my own opinion because I had never read the book. After seeing and loving the movie, I decided to finally draw my own movie vs book conclusion and picked up the novel to read. Now that I have experienced both, I do have to say that the movie is better. For one, Noah's character seems so much more romantic in the movie than in the book. Not to mention having Noah being portrayed by Ryan Gosling definitely gave the movie an edge over the book too. Maybe it's because I watched the movie before reading the book but I definitely felt Noah and Allie's love for each other more in the movie than in the novel. This having been said, I feel that no other Nicholas Sparks novel has been outdone by it's movie adaptation besides "The Notebook."

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

When an author writes a novel that's beloved by millions of fans, esp