7 Movies 🎥 That'll Change Your Negative ⛔️ View on Love 💘 ...

Some of us have no desire to be in a relationship, because we don't want to get our hearts broken. Of course, if you find the right person, you won't have to worry about that. Once you fall in love with him, you'll realize that all of the negative things you used to say about relationships were completely wrong. If you're a cynic when it comes to romance, here are a few movies that will change your negative view on love:

1. Trainwreck

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Every one of us can relate to Amy Schumer, which is why you need to see her film. In it, her character grows up with a father figure who teaches her that monogamy is unrealistic. That's why she ends up sleeping with random men, smoking pot, and getting drunk constantly. Of course, once she meets Bill Hader's character, she realizes that her father might've been wrong about relationships.

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