7 Movies to Watch after Losing a Loved One ...

If you've ever lost a parent, friend, or any type of loved one, you know how painful the process is. No matter how many years pass, you're still going to be upset about the death, but you can find ways to accept it. If you can't find comfort in any of your hobbies, you can try finding it through movies. Here are a few films that will make you feel better after losing a loved one:

1. Big Hero 6

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This is an animated movie that isn't centered on loss, but it's a huge theme. The main character loses his brother and gets annoyed whenever he hears that "he's still with you" even though he's dead. However, by the end of the movie, the main character is able to realize that the saying is actually true and your loved ones never do leave you, because they're there in your memory and heart.

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