7 Movies to Watch for a Girl's Night in ...

Since there are tons of perfect movies for a girl’s night in, you may need help picking something to watch. When you’re with your girls you might want something funny, a tearjerker, something inspirational, or maybe something with a little bit of everything. Here are some great options of movies for a girl’s night in!

1. Mean Girls

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How could “Mean Girls” not be on a list of movies for a girl’s night in? This movie is so much fun to watch! It’s definitely one of the funniest movies on this list and it’s no surprise because it was written by the hilarious Tina Fey. Who hasn’t known of some mean girls in their own life? Since you’re probably sick of dealing with them, why not poke some fun at them with this awesome movie that you’ll probably be quoting to each other for days to come.

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