7 Movies with Twisted Plots That Will Blow Your Mind ...

Who doesn’t love movies with twisted plots? They are the ones that keep us on our toes and build up the suspense to some of the best endings ever. While some of them come out of nowhere and make no sense, others finally put the puzzle pieces together and make everything clear. Nonetheless, they cause a jaw-dropping effect and get us talking nonstop. Here are seven movies with twisted plots that we love! Warning: These movie descriptions have spoilers.

1. Shutter Island

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One of the best movies with twisted plots is Shutter Island. Most of the movie makes us believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is an investigator who is trying to solve the disappearance of a murderess from the mental hospital. However, in the end we find out that he is a patient there himself. He killed his wife, went crazy and ended up on the Shutter Island. So basically during the whole film he was running around the island like a maniac, pretending to solve a crime while everyone else was playing along with him!

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