10 Must See Animated Movies ...


There are some amazing, must see animated movies out there that fit all ages and interests. Animated movies have become more than child’s play; they can tell amazing stories that have tons of heart and some great life lessons mixed in. Go microwave that theater popcorn and get ready for some must see animated movies... These are a few you won’t want to miss!

1. Cinderella


Cinderella is the first Princess movie almost every little girl out there watches. Sure, there are tons of princess movies that could fall into the "must see" category, but none are as iconic as this. Cinderella has it pretty rough, when her parents die at a young age and she is left to be the housekeeper to her ridiculous step-sisters and evil step-mother. But, that never gets her down or takes away her hope for something better. Cinderella sees the good in life and hopes for the best, which is why this one is a must see animated movie!

The Toy Story Series
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