7 Must-Watch Indie Films for the Weekend ...

So my list of must-watch indie films isn’t particularly artsy, which a lot of lists of indie films are these days. Instead, I like to watch films that aren’t the most well known, but are still some of my favourites. Some of them are romantic, some of them are about life lessons, but what they all have in common is that they’re little gems that we all need to watch. So here are 7 must-watch indie films to see this weekend!

1. Wild Target, 2009

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Starring Rupert Grint, Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy, that alone should convince you of why this should be on your list of must-watch indie films. It’s legitimately hilarious, and the cast could not be better. I love watching British films, and this one is right up there on my list of favourites. If you’re looking for just a fun film to laugh with, this one’s it!

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