Must-Watch Netflix Movies in the Fall ...

When the weather gets colder, Netflix starts debuting so many new movies for us to check out, because the company knows that we’ll be spending much more time inside than outside, and that of course calls for Netflix. If you’re looking for a movie to curl up with this fall that’s new on Netflix, this list of fun (and sometimes sad) Netflix movies will definitely keep up occupied this fall!

1. Walt Disney Short Films Collection

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We’ve all seen some of these short films before our favorite Disney movies in the theatres, or at the very least, we’ve heard the massive talk that goes on about each one every time a new one is released. As amazing as Disney movies are, somehow the shorts that play before are just as amazingβ€”some have even won Oscars! Disney has compiled 12 of the very best short films into this easily binge-able movie and you’re going to be obsessed!

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