11 New TV Shows to Get Hooked on This Season ...

If you ask me, all the new TV shows this fall season are incredible! Seriously, I've become hooked on all of them and can't wait to see how these shows progress. Thank God for DVR and On Demand, right?! Check out some of hottest new TV shows you should be obsessing over this season:

1. How to Get Away with Murder

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Network: ABC
The newest addition to ShondaLand Thursdays is How To Get Away With Murder! Did you know that the show has already set a TV record? The new drama drew in 14.34 million viewers for its premiere (WHOA) and its three-day DVR lift vaulted it to 20.3 million! Seriously, if you haven't watched the show, you need to get on that NOW! This is just one of many new TV shows to get hooked on.

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