7 of the Best British Christmas Adverts ...

You know it's the festive season when the British Christmas adverts hit the airwaves! Supermarkets and high street giants try to outdo each other every year in a competition to see who can create the most loved advert, and boy does the competition heat up. There has even been tears and Twitter chats this year! So get ready to see some of the best British Christmas adverts – they are sure to put you in a festive mood!

1. The Bear & the Hare

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John Lewis spent over Β£7 million on their British Christmas adverts this year, and they are so certain of its popularity that they’ve even created a spin-off line of cuddly toys, framed photographs and wrapping paper. The storyline follows a bear who always oversleeps, and it’s all done in the cutest animations. They’ve even got Lily Allen providing the sound track. It’s launch was so big that it had it’s own twitter chat, and the wrapping paper and matching cards have been sold out since day 1.

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