7 of the Best British TV Shows You Should Be Watching ...

While I appreciate all TV shows, there are some of the best British TV shows that have me way more hooked than any American show. It might be the accents, but there is something about British TV that entices me. With such a wide variety of shows from sci-fi, to comedies, to dramas, there is something for everyone. And a lot of American shows are based off of British television, so you know that the best British TV shows out there are bound to be your new personal TV addiction.

1. Doctor Who

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If you don’t take my word for it, take the world of millions of dedicated Doctor Who fans; this show is hands down one of the best British TV shows out there. You might be turned off by how sci-fi it sounds, but it can make you laugh, cry, and experience every possible emotion in between. Trust me, one episode, and you will be hooked. Not to mention every Doctor is pretty easy on the eyes.

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