7 of the Best Fictional Presidents ...

Kelly Marcus

7 of the Best Fictional Presidents ...

After dealing with the entire buzz surrounding the 2012 Presidential election, it got me thinking about who the best fictional presidents are, the ones that make us laugh or inspire us through a movie or TV show. Some of the best movie and TV presidents even seem like they'd make a good POTUS for real! So everyone can have their opinion on the election, but this is my opinion on the top 7 fictional presidents.

1 Harrison Ford in Air Force One

I mean, an ex solider turned president who beats up terrorists on a plane… what’s not to love? The reason Harrison Ford is one of the best fictional presidents is because he packs a punch. I’m sure that terrorists will never infiltrate the actual Air Force One, but in case they do, I hope President Obama can pack a punch like Harrison Ford does.

2 Bill Pullman in Independence Day

Just like Harrison Ford in Air Force One, Bill Pullman was awesome in Independence Day. His speech before launching the attack on an alien spaceship was one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard. He is one of the best fictional presidents because of his courage to lead his country, even when all hope seemed lost.

3 Chris Rock in Head of State

Long before our own Obama was the first black president in real life, there was Chris Rock in Head of State. Sure he didn’t actually get elected till the end of the movie (spoiler, sorry), but he had a pretty hilarious campaign strategy. I can imagine how hilarious his time as president would have been.

4 Luke Wilson in Idiocracy

In Idiocracy, an average man is frozen and wakes up in the future surrounded by idiots. So naturally, they make him president. Luke Wilson is hilarious in this movie as an average guy trying to solve the problems a president has to face. The way he solves such obvious problems is one of the reasons he is one of my favorite fictional presidents.

5 Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks

Of course Jack Nicholson wasn’t a very good president, but he is hilarious in this movie. He made all the wrong decisions when dealing with the Martians, but he ended up paying for them in the end. And Jack Nicholson as president is a great fictional president in my book.

6 Dennis Haysbert in 24

Long before he was the voice for the Allstate Commercials, Dennis Haysbert was the President of the United States. Between assassination attempts, nuclear threats, and constant terrorist attacks, he still managed to have the most awesome voice ever. He was also the first African American president to be shown on TV.

7 Geena Davis in Commander in Chief

What’s a list of best fictional presidents without putting in a female president? Geena Davis as Commander in Chief portrayed how a female would take on the role of President while also dealing with being a mother and a wife. Hopefully one day, a female president will be reality and not just fiction.

What did you think of my best fictional presidents? Let me know about your favorite fictional presidents, too! I'd also love to know your opinion on what makes a great fictional president.

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