7 of the Best TV Moms That You Wish Were Yours ...

Over the years, TV shows have given us some of the best TV moms. I love seeing the relationships these moms have with their on-screen families. Take a look at my favorites and picks for the best TV moms. There are SO many more, but these seven are definitely worthy of a spot on the list!

1. Clair Huxtable (the Cosby Show)

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Oh gosh, don’t get me started on The Cosby Show. Not only did they produce one of the best TV moms but I think they produced one of the best TV families! Clair was warm, wise, and beautiful, with a very sly sense of humor. Not to mention that she was one of TV’s first working mothers! It was very, very cool to see a mother so devoted to her family and so devoted to her work. She really set the standards up there!

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